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Indulge your senses in a culinary journey at KRC Hotels Tezpur, where dining becomes an experience to remember. Whether you're a guest of the hotel or a local exploring dining options in Tezpur, our diverse outlets promise a gastronomic adventure. Elevate your dining experience at KRC Hotels, where every meal is a celebration of taste and tradition.

Maaihang - A Multi-Cuisne Restaurant

Discover the epitome of North Indian cuisine at Maaihang, the most famous restaurant in Tezpur. Known for our delectable sizzlers, aromatic biryanis, and a diverse seafood menu, Maaihang offers a culinary journey that excites the taste buds. Whether you're a guest or a local seeking top-notch restaurants, indulge in mouthwatering delights and a warm ambiance at Maaihang – your go-to destination for flavorful experiences in Tezpur.

Maaihang - A Multicuisne Restaurant Logo
Silver Spoon - Bar & Kitchen

Step into a realm of unmatched sophistication. Experience unparalleled sophistication at The Silver Spoon, Tezpur's first-of-its-kind Bar and Kitchen. Our unique blend of exquisite interiors, delectable cuisine, and premium spirits creates an inviting ambiance. Whether you're a connoisseur or casual visitor, The Silver Spoon at KRC Hotels promises a captivating fusion of taste and ambiance, making it a distinctive culinary destination in Tezpur.

Zoral - The Premium Bar

Immerse yourself in the allure of Zoral, Tezpur's exclusive premium bar at KRC Hotels. With its striking black and red interior, Zoral caters to the mood, creating a sophisticated ambiance for an unforgettable drinking experience. Whether you're seeking a refined atmosphere or a vibrant social setting, Zoral stands out as the perfect destination to unwind and enjoy top-notch beverages in style, making it the ultimate premium bar experience in Tezpur.

As the sun sets in Tezpur, experience culinary brilliance at KRC Hotels. From the diverse delights of Maaihang to Zoral's premium bar offerings and the excellence of The Silver Spoon, our outlets redefine dining in Tezpur. Whether you're a guest or a local seeking top-notch restaurants and bars, join us for an unforgettable gastronomic adventure. Elevate your dining experience at KRC Hotels, your culinary destination in the heart of Tezpur.

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